Block Paving Cleaning and Repairs


2 Ways to get your block paving to look new

1)      Clean and Seal

2)      Replace the blocks with a different colour and new design


A lot money will have been spent to get block paved areas laid, so why not get them cleaned and restored back to their former glory, easily and cheaply.

Clean and Seal

Driveway Cleaning and Patio Cleaning: Over time outside areas become dull, messy, slippery, and dangerous making them uninviting places. Dudley Block Paving will expertly clean your driveway or patio; removing all stains, weeds, moss and algae and repair any sunken paving and loose pointing.

Block Paving CleaningBlock Paving Dudley provide professional pressure washing service specialising in driveway cleaning, patio cleaning, pathway cleaning, Block paving cleaning and decking cleaning in and around Dudley, North Worcestershire, Birmingham and South West Midlands.

All our work is carried out using the very latest high powered industrial equipment and using the latest professional cleaning and sealing products. You can rest assured you will see amazing results.

DIY pressure washers fail to get rid of things like oil stains or really ground in tyre marks. The equipment we use for driveway and patio cleaning is much more powerful than any DIY equipment: It operates at 4000 psi and has an exceptionally fast flow rate of 15 litres per minute. A normal DIY pressure washer uses about 5 litres per minute and just cannot do a proper job.

Driveway cleaning rotary,The Hi-tech low level cleaner we use removes debris to a depth of 10 mm (0.4’’) from the joints of block paving and controls it so the dirt and grime does not spray all over the place. After pressure washing the displaced sand is replaced with sterile kiln dried sand which inhibits the re-growth of moss and weeds. We then apply a sealer which keeps your block paving looking fresh for years; protecting it from oil stains and moss and weed regrowth.


Update your Design

Instead of having your driveway cleaned, why not just have your blocks replaced?

For much less than the price of a new driveway you can just have the bricks replaced with a different colour and a completely new design making your driveway look much more modern and increasing its’ ‘kerb-appeal’ and therefore adding value to your property.

Block Paving DesignsBlock Paving Designs

Relaying Block Paving







Call Block Paving Dudley and arrange for one of our friendly team to come out, talk about your requirements and options, and show you some samples of more modern products and designs.


Block Paving Repair

Dudley Block Paving provide a driveway block paving repair service. We can repair sunken driveways, remove stains, and replace pointing.

If you have any problems with any block paving then please give us a call: we provide free advice and are happy to call round and offer suggestions.


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